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WOLA is working for the methodology of domestic violence law in the universities of the Kurdistan Region

 the director and the lawyer of Wola organization visited the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in order to submit a proposal about (the l domestic violence law) to make it an official subject in law universities, including the suggestions and recommendations that were organized by the organization in 2018 and 2019 in the Kurdistan Region.
They also visited Mr. Dham Omar, General Secretary of the Ministry's Office, and Mrs. Amal Ali, Legal adviser at the Ministry .They stressed that they are working hard on this proposal and the recommendations we have made and will submit it to the Supreme Committee so that it becomes an official and major subject in the five-year system of teaching the law.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Amal Ali who is always helping us as a member of the Ministry.

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10/2/2019 8:21:05 PM
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