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Regional Advisory Meeting for Peace Committees

on 18/2/2021، the Women's Legal assistance Organization، in the presence of

Deputy Minister of Justice (Shilan Arif)

Mr. Ezzedine، Legal Adviser to the Directorate for Combating Violence Against Women and the Family

Mrs. (Sargul Saeed) Women's Committee، Kurdistan Parliament

Mrs. (Pervin Hassan) from the High Council of Women's Affairs.

Judges and members of the Public Prosecution of Domestic Violence Courts.

Directorates for Combating Violence Against Women and the Family.

Managers of Family Counseling Centers.

Representatives of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Higher Education

(Regional Advisory Meeting for Peace Committees) The purpose of the meeting was to gather the different experiences of the work of the Peace Committees in different cities of the Kurdistan Region.

Following the remarks of the Deputy Minister of Justice، the Administration، the Parliament and the High Council for Women's Affairs،

Two panels were held at the meeting،

The first panel was attended by judges and public prosecutors from the Domestic Violence Investigation Courts، which was chaired by the director of the organization (Shokhan Hamershid) and the judges highlighted their work and experience with the Legislature and the Peace Committees and the Peace Committees.

In the second panel، which was attended by the Center for Family Counseling in the provinces and independent administrations، which was chaired by the organization's lawyer (Briar Mohammad)، the directors of the centers highlighted the work experience of the committees، as well as their work and problems.

At the end، an open discussion was held between the participants and all the participants presented their recommendations، recommendations and suggestions within the framework of the group's work.

As an organization، we collect all recommendations and proposals and present them to all stakeholders in a package in the hope that they will be able to establish a unified and comprehensive mechanism for all peace committees and to make all committees and committees work in the city

It is also one of the activities carried out by the organization in the framework of the project (monitoring the implementation of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act) in collaboration with NED



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