WOLA Reports
2023 A Report for Monitoring the Implementation of the Domestic Violence Law

The Women's Legal Assistance Organization continues their efforts to point the problems faced in implementing the law combating domestic violence which considers their duty to work hard for the families with the aim of living together and avoiding individuals from violence.
 Women's Legal Assistance Organization always tried to make the better situation for families legally، social، and psychological and reducing the violence and pointing the problems that face the law relating to the families and the parties that are specific to the implementation of this law.
For this reason from the beginning of issuing the law of domestic violence, we take the responsibility of implementing the law in accordance with NED Organization ، because of the importance of the law for the Kurdish community، at the beginning we focused on the governorates.
After many years on issuing the law، we've tried to expand our focus on implementation of the law، and we've seen the level of implementation of the law in these areas. What’s it like? In which level it is? Also، identifying all the problems and obstacles face the implementation of the law in the places which the law is implemented by interviewing someone who is responsible of implementing the law.
The most important thing is that we made our report about the law of combating domestic violence and the continued activities of the committee and the courts of domestic violence in order to know how much people are familiar with the law  after many years from issuing the law, and if people need more awareness about the law.
What do people think about the cases of domestic violence? As a result of these problems and obstacles،from these places it became clear to us that we were looking for solutions to make the law works better.
Despite all this، and after many years of hard work and implementation of the law، the women committee in Kurdistan parliament presented a new draft on the law and finished the first read of the draft once again made serious reactions and many of the communities are against the law the religious people standing up, parliamentarians and even lawyers، this shows that the law still requires more work. We need to spread more awareness about the law. We need to understand the importance and necessity of the law in a way which be acceptable to the community.

Sulaymaniyah governorate
1. The Court of Domestic Violence in Sulaymaniyah:
The Domestic violence court in Sulaymaniyah was opened on 1/2/2022 which is a good step for the purpose of
Sooner solving families problem after visiting that court as The Women's Legal Assistance Organization, the Judge of this court pointed out that the biggest problem of this court is the announcement of the judge that cases in 2014، there were 197 cases postponed for publication in 2022.For this purpose، and solving this problem، the Women's Legal Assistance Organization contacted the related parties of the directorate of combating domestic violence family counsel center and the domestic violence offices of the domestic violence court for this purpose a joint meeting was organized in between the relevant parties and the media ,the director of the Center the families advisor responsible for each of the offices of east and west in Bakrajo ,the offices of the Domestic Violence Prevention Administration and the representative of the Court of Domestic Violence ,in that meeting talked about the problems because the files will not be resolved soon.
The reason for announcing that there is not enough information for that purpose or there are a lot of delays.

For this purpose، the director of Family advisory Center، pointed out that they have a problem with the delaying of files in the reconciliation committee and the citizens do not know that according to the law، it will be reconciliation of the parties، and the subject of the announcement is one of the problems that we remember to make some changes.
He pointed out that they will cooperate to solve the problems، and the head of the western office pointed out that the reporters are delivering the notes with their own cars، and the western office is working through 5 policemen، and he said that we don't have our own income while we only have one reporter And sometimes when this reporter doesn't do as much as he announces to the criminal Court ، which is a big problem for us. Last year، we had 1300 files. This is in addition to announcing the files presence in front of the reconciliation committee and we have another problem, sometimes there are 10 people accused. We have to bring them by one police because we don’t have enough employers.
Therefore، it is necessary to resolve the issue of the reporting of the court of violence، which is based on the establishment of the police reporting station supervised by sulaimaniyah police. and the director of the east office pointed out that the east office are operating limit is the same as six police stations، each of the stations has two police ، and they have transportation equipment like cars and motorcycles، while we have one announcer who makes the announcements on his own and working out of the time even on vacations.
In 2023، we have made 460 announcements in our area to the Violent Court and 470 announcements, we do not have the ability of providing fuel to the cars، while one of our office’s car where burned. Unfortunately، an officer was martyred and no one has helped us so far، so the violence trial needs to be solved through the court police so the problem is not solved suitable mechanism is needed.

Bakrajo department officer: Pointed out that it is necessary to provide him with other employees to make court announcements because we can't our working limits are wide and the places are far from each other Tasluja، Bazyan، Kanaka، Bakrajo، Piramagrun، Raparin، and the villages in which the reporter could not find the target. We work on the human side and we want peace to the families and we have not received any official letter to make these announcements while the employee who makes the announcements is both the driver and reporter.
The representative of the Violence Court pointed out that in February 2022، the domestic violence court was opened، and we started as employees، there was 378 old cases with our efforts and fatigue and the reporters، now we have 52 cases left، often by contacting the parties of the case who are ready، we did this work to resolve the cases on our behave with the judge of this court. At the moment، there are 1500 cases how it can be resolved? That's why the subject of not informing publicity should be solved and about writing the names of the accused and the complainant should be filled in the time of the announcement and all the information about the place of residence of the case parties therefore، the issue of informing should be solved and the address of the case parties should be filled in the time of the announcement and all the information about the parties of the case and their phone numbers should be written down.
Because of the lack of employees، we have a lot of pressure، now there are three employees، two of them are judges، and only one employee remains، while the work cannot be done by two employees.
Regarding the announcements، the west office announcer pointed out that he has been working on reporting for 10 years for three offices but at the moment، the work is too much hard ، I was reporting the neighborhoods of KaniSpika and Sarchnar، which is the same border of all the eastern offices، and sometimes I go three times to make one announcement and sometimes the address is wrong, sometimes when I have one announcement in one hour the work start at 8:30 a.m. while I leave at 7:30 to announce and I have made the announcement because this person was only available at night and I have been threatened many times، but I don't care. So I think it's good for the court to make the reporting because this makes our duty much harder and everything is on my duty to make announcements.
The east office announced that in 2019 it will announce to their office that this work has a lot of fatigue and hard even though I have my own notebook that 568announcement for 10 (months)،and also 339report to our office. I have 229report to the Criminal Court, and 2020 we had 160our office announcement, and on 2021 we have 440 announcements for three months, I have 115 notifications from the East Office while the announcement of Kalar and Said sadiq and the court's police will do it and we will carry out the arrest order.
The reporter of Bakrajo violence department pointed out that there is a lot of pressure on them while he is both a driver and postman and he does the arresting order while all these things are not done by one person but three people, and our working area is wide and far from each other. It takes a lot of time and cost. In order to solve problems Women's Legal Assistance Organization ، will cooperate and help to find a solution that first as an organization even with little،we will help them to solve the problem، and then we will not give up on the efforts of the relevant parties and the court to solve the reporting problem.

Implementation of the Law against Domestic Violence and Working with the College of Law University of Sulaymaniyah:

As a Women's Legal Assistance Organization ، we continue our efforts to implement this law in the centers of education as a lesson، especially in the college of law, because students، after completing their studies in practicing will need this law which is related to individual families.For this purpose، the staff of the organization held a meeting with college of law of Sulaymaniyah University، as Women's Legal Assistance Organization that works in the field of law، we focus on families and women، and all the laws، and we have relations with college of law، teachers، parliament، courts، ministries، related parties، and citizens، and we have a circle for the law department in a practical way. But it's important to learn a few lessons and we want to have a conversation with the teachers who are specialized in this subject، how do students take advantage of the cases in the court in the practical field، we cooperate with them، and the lecturer of college of law of Halabja University pointed out that he teaches 5th grade the lessons and they need language and practice، which is a great need for the students، and the law faculty teacher pointed out that studying this law is good for the students if they practice and examined them practically ,they should make reports and practice in a groups form and each group contain 40 students about this subject. In order to comply، the head of law department pointed out that when the building of college of law was built، we asked them to build a court hall and pay attention to the practical side. In 2019، a ministerial order was issued that there are two subjects، including the general and private legislation to be continued in 6 lessons, traffic law, the advocacy law، prohibiting the misuse of communication devices law, domestic violence law (which the university determines that three of the five subjects are studied، and one of the subjects studied is the domestic violence،law which is taught in several classes.
We as an organization، will help them in the practical field، then we will report college of law about how to manage our affairs and send it to them، but this issue should be made and asked about cases and work on cases with organized lawyers to help lawyers follow up ,or there's a big law firm that has counseling lawyers to help you out، and this requires a lot of help، and there's a lot of coordination، or there's a legal requirement that people come here to the counseling centers in different fields and in the field of law، which makes students and people interact together.
the head of law department pointed out that we have an open door but we have one problem that has a lot of pressure on the students but we are continuing to try to get benefit from the practical field and learn how cases are seen in the courts and the financial side of the students is one of the problems that we can't push them on but we are trying to continue and we will not give up so we will help as an organization to make this law a lesson to the students and be read we are in the process of helping them after graduation.
The meeting of women's legal Assistance organization and Sulaymaniyah law university special about the law of domestic violence

، In this report, we conducted a survey in Sulaymaniyah governorate on the law against domestic violence and the aspects of implementing this law، and other issues related to those who have cases insulaymaniyah courts.
The survey is based on the following: 60 participants participated:


How important is it to have a domestic violence court?
Category 1
Extremely       fairly      non 



Category 7
No yes



The statistics of the courts
1. Domestic Violence Investigation Court

2021 2022
continued 2323 4699
finished 1785 2679
total 4108 7378

2. Domestic Violence Court
2021 2022
Continue 389 306
Finished 156 256
total 545 562

3. Divorce Statistics

2021 2022 Difference between 2021 and 2022
4767 5533 766

4. Marriage Statistics

2021 2022 Difference between 2021 and 2022
20147 21164 1017

5. Transactions Statistics of the year 2022

Marriage  21164
divorce 5533
Second wife approval 6

Erbil Governorate

The General Directorate for combating women and domestic violence 

As the staff of the organization، we visited the general directorate closely and started with questions about the increase in the rate of violence and problems to become clearer what are the causes and what does it mean?
In response، the director of the Center for Administration Awareness said: "Increasing the rate of complaints is a happy sign because increasing in the rate of complaints is a sign of increasing awareness of people for the existence of violence laws and belief in the violence-related party"
Violence increasing are different types with the increasing rate of complaints، the increasing forms of violence is worrisome، but the increasing of complaints are different. Previously، violence within the family was still common، but due to the lack of awareness، the problem remained in the family، but now people is conscious and demands their rights through the law.
Regarding the legal shortage، he said: I believe that this law،can be opened in consultation with experts، colleges of law ، administrations and the executive parties to be able to reform the entire law in a best way as possible.
Regarding the problems facing the administration in implementing the law، the representative of the directorate said:
             The courts had a problem، and in the interpretation of the law in the relative degree، some believed that it included cousin’s، some of whom believed that it did not cover the fourth degree of relatives.
One of the other problems facing the implementation of the law is that there is a lot of load on the courts in Erbil there was  judges for a period of time and had a great impact on the cases، but the judicial council because of the lack of a employees changed it to one judge, if we compare between this year and the previous years، we cannot say that the number of cases has increased three to four times and it is constantly increasing and there is no change in the judicial and administrative structure ,the offices are not open and they are the same as before، so there is a lot of overlap between many cases and a small number of cases of all departments، including justice، so I think that as a director with college of law ، should do some research to practice on the law so that we can influence the relevant parties and make serious decisions about it.
At the end of the meeting in Kurdistan Parliament، the Ministry of Interior proposed that the Court of Combating Violence with all investigations and criminal investigations be a special court to be able to protect the characteristics of the problems.
What is available now is only one investigative judge for violence and he sees other cases، so he has no special case، we have cases extent of suicide، but because of the lack of the characteristics of the violent court and because of the lack of confidentially to solve the problem، they could not complain، we as the directorate and office although we try to keep the problem private but due to the absence of a court، the problem cannot be private.
The judge who sees family problems cases besides sees the problems of divorce، and marriage، which affect the problems to be unable to remain in private، so it is very necessary to open a community dedicated to the problems of family violence. It is important that the family problems related to every individual in this community، every may have a problem in his  home in most cases، as long as there is a law to organize the family، so each of us may need to resort to the law through the concerned party.

Another problem is the lack of shelters for women and children. Women can take children under the age of 6 with them، but women who have children over the age of 6 have problems. They are separated from their children. A mother stays in the shelter and the child over the age of 6 is taken to the orphanage without a parent. This is one of the biggest problems for mothers and children who are threatened is being isolated، so a lot of work needs to be done on this issue.


2. Criminal Court of women murder (femicide)
Regarding the opening of a court dedicated to (women murder) which have a role and importance in the early dismantling of the murder of women in the courts. At the moment، due to the lack of specialized courts، women cases remain open for a long time، we asked Erbil court judge whether there is a criminal court specially related to women murder that have an effect on the early unification of cases or giving more time to these cases.
Answer: Regarding to the existence of a court on women murder he said that there are many problems and obstacles if we think about opening a court like this, the most important is:
1. The number of judges in general and first and second-degree judges in particular.
2. Since the number of such cases is less than other crimes، the opening of such a court creates an injustice between the criminal courts، and some courts have more cases and others less.
3. The absence of staff and employees due to the suspension of employment and the old employees retired.
4. Lack of opportunity to establish a special court in the Iraqi constitution.
The investigative court special for family and women's problems is a good job provided that the      investigative judge and his staff are assigned only for this work، and they are not assigned to any other duties and should be skilled.

Presidency of Erbil Court of Appeal

Directorate of Combating Violence against Women and Families
sent closed Under investigation total
 817 1857 1393 4067



Family Advisory Center
480 cases
Conciliation committee

Statistics Results 
Participant age Above 18 year 
Participant Gender Male / Female
Education Level Education and illiteracy



Duhok Governorate

Within the framework of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq's efforts to combat violence against women and domestic violence، it is the enactment of law No. 8 of 2011 regarding the fight against domestic violence، but this law has been criticized and calls for amending or issuing a new law to replace the mentioned law.
Within the framework of Kurdistan Region efforts to combat violence against women and domestic violence، the legislation of law No. 8 of 2011 on combating domestic violence has been criticized، there is rejection to issuing a new law to replace the mentioned law.
Regarding the issue of women murder under pretence of honor، Article 409 of the Iraqi Penal law in Kurdistan Region has been suspended، but despite this، the cases women murder face many obstacles in the courts in terms of a member of the Board of Directors of the University ، we conducted an interview with the university's board of directors investigation، and as a matter of fact، it's important to understand how important these cases are.
As a representative of the organization، we made an interview with university teachers who are specialized in law:
What is the importance of establishing a criminal court for women murder?
What are the causes of increased violence against women and families? What are your proposals to reduce violence against women and families?
Dr. Ishmael is a university professor.
Regarding the existence of criminal courts specializing in the cases of women murder although the cases of women murder in the courts are resolved to a degree، it is better and it is very important that there is a special court for these cases from the beginning of the case، the stage of investigation (until the end) to make a decision (a court should be a quick way to resolve the cases of women murder but this issue requires finncial costs and the existence of a lawyer، which means that we support the existence of such a court ,but not only by increasing the provisions of the Law against Domestic Violence، but also on the legality of the court، as well as reviewing and amending other laws related to this issue، including the Law on the Basis of Criminal Prosecution، and the existence of material capacity not only to establish a court at the expense of other courts.
Regarding to the reason of increasing violence cases against women is due to increased awareness، i.e. the increase in the number of complaints filed in the courts، whether the woman's complaint is from her husband or the daughter's from her parents or the sister's from her brother. Because they have legal awareness and know that what is being confronted with violence and is not a violation of their rights، and we will not give up on having some cases of the law against domestic violence by some women who complain about the smallest family conflict، as well as the existence of an open relationship. It's done، and it's one of the causes of domestic violence.
In order to reduce domestic violence، legal awareness must be spread، especially for women، which means not only to understand what rights are، but also to understand the rights of others. She has the same rights as her husband.

An interview with the representative of the organization with the juridical responsible of the Law service department / Family advisory Center

Statistics Results 
                                                                                      Participants number (160)

education level of the participant
Category 1
illiteracy educated 

Category 7
No Yes


Halabja Governorate
The law on combating violence against women and families

As a Women's Legal Assistance Organization ، at the time of the issuing the law of combating domestic violence، we take the duty of observing the implementation of this law. ، and we've asked for amendments of the law، and we've already proposed the law of countering violence against women and families، which is the second reading in the Kurdistan parliament and now it's in front of the regional fatwa committee It's been a long time coming، and I've been trying to get my hands on it.
Regarding this legal proposal and for the purpose of talking about the proposed law، we need to know the opinions and attentions of some relevant personalities on the proposed law، including a member of the Kurdistan Region's assembly Representatives member and the court judge in Halabja:
Kurdistan Region's assembly Representative member:
Question: What is the meaning of the law against violence against women and families?
First of all، it is necessary to correct that this proposal is a law، not a draft law، because the draft law will be submitted by the parliament، but this proposal of law is submitted by the Women's Committee of the Kurdistan Parliament for the purpose of the first amendment of the Law against Family Violence No. 8 of 2011، which was issued in the Kurdistan Parliament.
Question /There's a lot of talk about the name of the proposed law that separates women from their families، what do you read about this?
However، although the Women's Committee on the Separation of Women's Names according to them that if women have problems outside the family، this law should be implemented، but we believe that if women have problems outside the family، we have other laws and the Iraqi Penal law will solve this issue، so we do not think that it is necessary to separate women's names from the family and this is an over.

Question/where are the procedures for passing the proposed law in Kurdistan Parliament?
the proposed law was amended for the first time، the opposition block agreed on the condition that the second reading of any article contrary to the ruling of Islamic Law should not be passed as stipulated in the constitution، so the law is now in front of the religious opinion Committee and after its return to parliament by the religious opinion Committee، then it will be voted on by Kurdistan Parliament.
Question: What are the issues or articles that are included in this law?
The domestic violence currently is applicable it consist 10 articles، but the amendment is 14 articles.
Can the amendmentlaw be more than the law itself? They’ve all come from the name of the law to the reason for the release، and in fact، you have to change all the articles that are in argument، not in this way.
Question: I’m sure you've had a lot of criticism about this law because of the fact that there is general right what do you think?
in fact، the whole proposal of the law is criticized in definition to the issue of general rights because it has in fact create a mixture of general rights and special rights and how the courts practically implement this issue,In fact، the family has a safe framework according to the constitution، but according to this proposal، the public prosecution must act on the basis of the news، and if the reporter is a neighbor، in this case، the protection of the family will be threatened and forgiveness will disappear، so I don't think there should be a general right in this law.
Finally، I would like to say that we have a lot of attentions and talk about the proposed law، but in general، this proposal does not serve the family in this way، it separates women from the family، and combines general rights and special rights، which creates great problems practically.

Meeting of the representative of organization with the member of the Kurdistan Parliament (Sarchinar Ahmed)

2- The results of the survey

Participant age 18 - 60
Participant gender female
Level of education educated and illiteracy
Place of participant Halabja governorate


How much do you know about family violence?
Category 2
Very much Fairly non


Are the investigations in the court secret?
Category 6
No Yes


Halabja Governorate 2021 2022
hitting 27 29
threaten 19 13
self-burning 1 3
trying to suicide 3
Fighting 1
insult 9 6
accusations 2
Children excitement 3 1
Kick out of the house 2
Defame 7 5
indignity 5 4
deceive 1
Cheating between wife and husband 2 2
Keeping documents 1
Trying to be cheep 1
suicide 1
non spend money 1
total 76 74

     Marriage and divorce statistics in Halabja governorate (2021 – 2022 (
divorce Marriage year
298 1028 2021
298 978 2022

From these statistics، we find that marriage has decreased so slightly because of lack of employment opportunities for service projects that serves the economic sector in this province has an effective role، and regarding the divorce of 2021-2022، the same process is high for Halabja governorate and it is worth to assume an attitudes.

The story of success
(Sh, R) was one of the victims of domestic violence after her husband violence her and she escaped from the house and was prevented from bringing her one-year-old son with her because she was a housewife Her father's was not able to hold a lawyer، so in the branch of the lawyers، they asked for a legal organization to do their legal claim for free، they give her the addressof women's legal assistance organization،lawyer.
Crying and desperately talking to the lawyer، she says، "My husband has been kicked me of the house for two months، and he hasn't let me see my child for a moment.She showed pictures of her body on the cell phone where she was bleeding during the violence and said that her father is poor and cannot bring her son in this situation.
She even said that I tried to commit suicide due to these problems، but soon the lawyers of the organization gave herhope, after a short times، he filed a complaint against herhusband and he was arrested by the judge's order، and at the moment of his arrest، was obliged to return the child to his mother's house. And then she filed a claim for alimony for the child، which provided a suitable amount of money for the child، and this brought back a hope to the 23 years old،woman,and now her child is at home and living a normal and fearless life with hismother.

Garmian Administration
1. The Law of combating domestic Violence in Kurdistan Region-Iraq between Amendments and remaining:
Domestic Violence Prevention law no. 8 was passed in 2011، but due to a number of shortcomings in the law، it was unable to achieve its goal. Therefore، when it comes to implementing it face problems that is why it needs to do amendment، it is necessary for the Kurdistan Parliament prepared a draft law and the draft law was first read in 2021.
As soon as the law project became a conflict between parliamentarians، people and religious teachers، there was a strong reaction So the draft law has not been implemented، so to know more about the details of these conflicts and see what the fundamental differences are on the project، we interviewed a member of the Kurdistan Parliament:
He believes that the law of combating domestic violence is a sufficient solution to family problems، but if the law is implemented as it is، it is a good solution to family problems. The parliament، although he believes that the law is not bad if implemented، but the reason that the law exists and violence continueis due to the fact that he believes that in the stages of investigation and trial، the evidence is not used sufficiently to punish the accused، all his speech is that the law is better to keep the law in this way because the draft law would not have changed in some articles to replace the old law because the law remained the same. It was much better than the amendment that would further increase family problems especially the article which mention the informer this can be done outside of the family، for example، if a husband and wife have a small problemSomeone outside of their family will be able to make a complaint، and may be at this time the problem between them is solved.But if their problem reaches the court and the police station، their problem become bigger and affects their family.
Excluding that the Parliament work in the legislative branch، but they put education first of everything. “It is necessary to look at education، whether in families or in educational centers. Social media is not to be used as it currently exists، because in fact، it is a source of increasing family problems and the rise in female suicide rate that exists in the law."
Mizhda Ihsan was previously a lawyer and now at Garmian University College of law said to women’s legal assistance organization:
Despite the development of modern lifestyles، the phenomenon of family violence is increasing day by day، which has a significant impact on society and complicates family problems.It leads to the development of social problems and the emergence of major problems، so the existence of the law against domestic violence has played a good role in solving family problems as needed. in my careerI've a lot of cases werethere was a lot of social problems، but when I complained in court، the lives of girls who are afraid to lose their life were protected by their familiesand solved through a violent court، and I think there are other ways to deal with family problems that need to be act:-
1. Strengthening family relations with the importance of proper education، and spread love، tolerance and compassion contrary to violence.
2. Ensuring the importance of awareness of individual families through the presentation of seminars and educational conferences to create a society that is affected by this negative phenomenon.
3. Emphasizing the importance of awareness of individual families through the presentation of seminars and educational conferences to create a society that is affected by this negative phenomenon.

In 2007، the head of the Kfri office started receiving complaints، filing and opening a case for family problems in Kfri district and surrounding villages، which receive 100 to 150 complaints annuallyIn addition to many problems mentioned in previous reports، it has been difficulties in  implementing the law as it is،I think the law has a lot of shortcomings that need to be amended، especially because the law gives women more rights and talks about violence against women without considering violence against men that we have cases that the men has been violently opposed by woman، and the point where it talks about the underestimation of women by men، and again، is not realistic and needs to be amended because there is no measure for men's underestimation of women.The law should not be based on feeling،" he said، adding that in addition to amending the law، our perspective and experience of family problems، especially between spouses، is that many couples do not have the necessary knowledge and awareness to deal with problems and take responsibility and resolve conflicts within the familytherefore، it is necessary when two couples  present a marriage contract they should have awareness consisting of religious teachers، psychologists، lawyers، experts in family problems.

       Meeting of organization representative with the head of Kifri office 

2. The role of religious teachers in solving family problems :-
Because of the important role that religious teachers have in Kurdistan society in general and Garmian in particular، many families still resort to religious teachers to solve family problems so that they can be solved according to Islamic law, Therefore، as an organization، we need to conduct an interview with the clergyman and speaker of the Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gailani Mosque in Kalar on this issue in the form of questions and answers:
Questions/ what is the role of religious law in protecting women's rights and the coordination between the established laws and the law of women's rights?
Answer/ The religious lawhave given women so much importance that we can say that the difference between women and men in Islam is that all rights have been given to women، which is part of her structure in being mother.And the main duty assigned to her، in return، all her rights are provided by the man، especially the right of respect، which is reflected in Islam which is not found in all religions.The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "If a man is a man of honor and a good man، he treats a woman with dignity and who insult her is a man without parents."This is in the interest of respect، both have equal rights and should not be oppressed by any party for the balance and organization of society in short، Islam has given women all rights.
Questions/ is enforcing woman to have sex with husband in Islam accepted?
The relationship between spouses is not an intimate relationship، 99 percent is spiritual، and if violence is used، if a man does not feel that his wife is a part of himself when he is close to his wife I don’t think that he will enjoy, Islam does not force and does not allow men to rape women and use violence when they are in power .Even Imam Ghazali says that if a man does not feel his wife's enjoys ، he will be guilty in religion.
Questions/ what is the role of religious teachers in solving family’s problem?
There are many cases that come to religious teachers، without claiming at the courts and no lawyers saw them weas teachershave been careful and well-advised and tried to solve their problem and there are some examples which come to me، two couples who divorced twiceone divorce remain، but I advised and helped them to draw back their divorce after a period I saw them in the market they were happy.Many religious teachers are experts in law and academics، for example، I have a master's degree in comparativedoctrinelaw. But if someone come to me and he have a claim at the court I won’t involve with him and tell him to solve his problem at the court the judge will decide the cases. Therefore، the court should consider the role of religious teachers because the absence of religious teachers creates a big gap that cannot be solved by any court.
Questions/ what is the legislative law in forcing marriage? 
In legislative law is forbidden to force girls or boys to get marriage without their agreement,a woman passed by the house of Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) she said، "My father has given me to my cousin for hisbenefit. “The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told her that she has the right to get divorce and this is her right, she told him “I want my cousin to stay with me I asked to know if it is forbidden forgirls or boys to get marriage without their agreement and do they have rights”.
Therefore، the prohibition and crime are the rule of forced marriage of women، especially in today's era، where more women are independent and educated about their rights.
Questions/ as a religious teacher، what is your advice to those who resort to violence within the family?
Whenever a man commits violence on a subject، he cannot rationally solve it، which is a constant characteristic in humans، some people reach a situation of pressure and resort to violence.This is because if you don't have a mental level، you don't have to use violence. That’s why every husband and wife should learn the law of marriage when they marry from the beginning.In order to increase love and respect each other، try to increase their love every day so that they can solve their problems and conflicts and lay the foundation for love and peaceful coexistence from the first day of marriage.

Organization representative visit to the general directorate of Garmian
3. Women's suicide as a result of domestic violence، the role of women's organizations in this issue:-
Statistics in Garmian tell us that every year، women's suicides are increasing، as a result of violence in the family women are desperate to solve their problems .They resort to self-burning، even some women don't want to solve their problem and finally think of ending their lives they think that they can solve the problems،in this wayfor this purpose، we interviewed a member of the Garmian branch of the Women's Association;-
A member of Garmian women's group said: "I open the door every day for women who are facing family violence they come to me to get advice and find solutions until we make a complaint and bring it to court، I have provided them with volunteer lawyers many times.
He also believes that the cases of suicide and the burning of women are increasing day by day، and unfortunately، it is too bad for me، because I have been in contact with victims for many years. I'll explain this for a number of reasons:
1. The lack of awareness among the public and lack awareness of domestic violence and the way of investigation in the courts and the work of the committees to facilitate family problems، especially for women.
2. The absence of a special court on family matters، which is often seen by a civil judge، or the lack of time، causes delays in the course of investigation، and people are less confident in the law، believing that the court cannot solve their problems quickly.
3. Women's fear and vulnerability always leads to suicide instead of filing complaints and trying to solve their problems.

The story of success
(ch,M,H) Born in 1994، settled in Rzgari district in Kalara district she married for a year and has a son. On night of July 27، 2022، as a result of an argument and a small dispute with her husband، she immediately resorts to self-immolation. She turned oil on her body and burned herself her husband، who has never been able to help her، is shocked.So her neighbor rescues her and takes her to the emergency department in Kalar after a series of initial treatments due to the high rate of burns، they send her to Sulaymaniyah hospital after one month in the hospitalshe return home.
When she told her story، her eyes was full of tears and said، "I've been through a very difficult situation، after opening an investigation to the case in the violent department in Rzgari that played a significant role in enhancing the relationship between the couple Despite the fact that the family refused to allow their daughter to return to her home، the problem was solved through the conciliation committee and the violent department they didn't let a family be divided، and she said، "I'm really sorry that small problem، I asked all women not to harm themselves if the problems were too big."Be calm and solve a problem in a place like domestic violence directorate، which was the place where I go back to my child and my husband، and now we're living a normal life with my husband without any other problem.

Violence against women and domestic violence /Garmian
Directorate of Combating Violence against Women and domestic violence


killing suicide
Self-immolation claims
Claims total
Public right
alive dead alive dead
1 - - - - - - 77 46 30 1 77
2 - - - - - 2 72 47 25 - 74
3 - 1 - 1 1 - 63 39 22 2 66
4 - 1 - - - - 64 42 22 - 66
5 - 4 - - - - 70 37 32 1 74
6 - - - - - - 103 59 43 1 104
7 - - 1 - - - 112 62 49 1 115
8 - 1 - - - - 112 67 44 1 115
9 - - - - - 1 128 83 43 2 131
10 1 - - - - - 95 65 29 1 96
11 - - - - - - 91 50 41 - 93
12 - - 1 - - 1 68 44 24 - 71

5 1055 641 404 10


The results of the survey

age of participant More than 18 years
Participant gender Male/female
Participant education level Educated and illiteracy

Are the investigations in the court secret?
Category 1
no yes



                                  Are the shelters important for rescuing people?

Category 5
No Yes


Raparin Administration

1. The role of civil society organizations in implementing the law

The mobile team Supervisor and case manager at the Social welfare Directorate with the cooperation of United Nations Fund for population, theysaid that as a mobile team، they work on gender equality، strengthening women's abilities، and rising awareness about violence, He said that because there was many different views on gender issues recently، we have made it clear that we are working on equality based on social kinds.
In response to a question they were directed about what kind of the most violence is now, he pointed out that cases are different and violence is different، the more is social and psychological violence. When a case comes to us، we make our following، and if we know that the case is specific to another organization، we will direct it to them. For example، if there is violence against children، unfortunately، there is no organization in Ranya، so we rely on protecting children and directing them. He also said that most of the violence involved is adultery and psychological violence، as well as the abuse of social networks.
He also said that how to interact and deal with violent cases is very important، such as violence directorates، offices and police، and that when a woman is subjected to violence، she should be treated in a special way and have a complete protection in the cases.
Is there a decreasing in violence compared to previous years?
He noted that the rate of violence has not decreased، although there are many organizations and awareness is spread، but there is still violence. Violence against women is more likely to be directed against men، but still less.
It can also be said that some types of violence have faded and others are a lot، including the misuse of communication devices and adultery. This means that domestic violence has always existed، but in the past، women who were subjected to violence، killed themselves or burned themselves، unfortunately، but now we can say that they are more aware of this.
There is also an increase in early marriage because girls are not aware of the process of marriage and early marriage، and they are the ones who later become violent، leading to an increase in the rate of divorce.
As far as we have noticed، violence is mostly carried out by men who work in the military sector، such as policemen or security ، or those who are not financially well and un employed، or who use drugs. Drugs have a significant impact on the increase in violence.
What can be done to make women more aware?
One way is to have more organizations that work on domestic violence and educate people about violence، for example، an organization that works only in the legal field and discusses the punishments of violence legally. There are also more organizations working in the countryside in the field of violence because women in the villages need to be more aware of violence.
It's about empowering women through seminars so that women can become more aware of their work and income.Schools should be alerted both teachers and students، as there is an increase in violence and crime in schools due to lack of awareness.


Mobile team manager and case manager in the Social Care Administration

2. The story of success

One of the victims of the violence name (s,m,a) After her sister contacted me، she said، "I know that you represent an organization that helps women، and she says that my sister is being violently attacked by her husband.". After that، as a representative of the Women's Legal Assistance Organization، I explained to her what our organization is and how it works، and she was very happy with it، and after Imeet them، she talked about being expelled from the house by herhusband for four to five months with her one-year-old son in her father's house. And her husband، except that she was expelled from the house. She said that her husband had insulted her and this had a psychological effect on her.As a representative of the organization، after providing legal advice، she was very pleased with this and now herclaim in the Court of Rania continue and she is doing well.

2.Civil activist and a media man said: the role of media and social media on legal awareness of the law against domestic violence, it is a tool to make people's lives easier، and each of us can use social media in the way he wants، the good side and the bad side.Now everyone sees the media in their own place and in their home and sees the work of journalists، which has created a space within society.Nowadays and in the time of technology، people can easily get information about the laws، including the law on the domestic violence، and people can get enough information about what is considered to be violent and what the punishment is, but at the same time، it has a bad effect، which is that we can say that one of the most common forms of violence is through social media is humiliation and threats etc.…
What is the most common type of violence and what type of violence is being committed against the most? We can say that the rate of violence is increasing. At the moment، we can say that violence against women and men is also possible، although we can say that violence against women in this area is still more and because there is a man's dignity and the upper hand in the family، he believes that he has the right to violence against his family, the violence that exists is more psychological، social، as well as financial، to a degree of physical violence that has decreased. It can be said that psychological violence through social media has been very high at the moment، especially in the young age and especially towards women، where many women face threats and insults every day. People need to be more aware of social media and their use and know that if they use it in a bad way، they will be punished.


Interview with representatives of the organization with media and lawyer (Lana Rasul)

3. Violence against women and domestic violence / Raparen
The directorate of combating domestic violence 

Month (12) year (2022)
month killed suicide burn Self-immolation Female sex Male sex Violence Directorate  /claim police
Directorate   /claim
1 1 1 36 2
2 2 1 41 6
3 1 1 44 7
4 1 2 1 36 5
5 40 11
6 1 46 9
7 1 1 2 1 34 7
8 1 1 61 9
9 1 57 1
10 75 1
11 1 2 2 1 50 4
12 1 39 3
total 4 9 7 6 1 - 559 65

The statistics of office and departments (12) month year (2022)
police month
1 month
2 month
3 month
4 month
5 month
6 month
7 month
8 month
9 month
10 month
11 month
12 total
Rania office 25 31 31 28 19 28 27 41 38 41 28 22 359
office 11 10 13 8 21 18 7 20 14 30 16 16 184
Dpt. 5 4 6 1 16
Police directorate 2 6 7 5 11 9 7 9 1 1 4 3 65
total 38 47 51 41 51 55 41 70 58 76 54 42 624

6. Statisic

Is the conciliation committee is important for solving problem? 
Category 2
No Yes


                                   Are the shelters important for rescuing people?
Category 7
No Yes


The statistics of the general directorate of combating domestic violence in all the administrations of Kurdistan region/2022
Directorate Under investigation closed sent total
Erbil 1393 1857 817 4067 
Duhok 568 2827 953 4348 
Sulaimaniyah 2274 2561 576 5411 
Garmian 357 613 112 1082 
Raparin 175 325 124 624 
soran 179 163 23 365 
total 4946 8346 2605 15897 

Hotline 119
Directorates Erbil Duhok Suliamaniyah total
Number of peoples 3629 2601 4075 10305

Advisory Center/2022
directorates Erbil Duhok Suliamaniyah Garmian Raparin Soran total
Number of peoples 480 702 124 361 667 221 2555

Conciliation committee/ conciliated cases

directorates Erbil Duhok Suliamaniyah Garmian Raparin Soran total
Number of peoples 201 272 223 62 48 20 826

directorates female male General right total
Erbil 4061 1884 95 6040 
Duhok 2908 1590 43 4541 
Suliamaniyah 2556 1312 48 3916 
Garmian 665 422 9 1096 
Raparin 416 228 6 650 
Soran 354 23 3 380 
total 10960 5459 10960 16623 

In these statistics، we see that the general directorate of combating domestic violence has not been given any information about the kind of violence and killing and burning etc. And this will cause the creation of uncertainty so that the information does not reach the same

Work for the prevention of domestic violence

After the women committee in Kurdistan parliament presents a new draft about law and presents it to the parliament and the first reading of was madeand the draft once again made a big argument. Most of thepartiesrefused، such as religious teachers، and part of the parliament and even lawyers.That's why as a women's legal assistance organization، we did some important actions for the sake of defending the law the most important:
a. An explanation to the public about the law against domestic violence by the project manager and the director of the organization Ms. Shokhan. In order to highlight the importance of the law for the community and to eliminate the miss understanding the law.
b. Participation of the director of the organization، Shokhan Hama rshid، in a meeting on the amendment of the Law of Domestic Violence. The session was part of the Efforts of the Kurdistan Parliament to amend the Law of Domestic Violence in Kurdistan Region No. 8 of 2011.
Under the supervision of the head of Kurdistan Parliament، the presence of advisors and related committees in Kurdistan Parliament and a number of organizations members of the GBV Working Group، which are dedicated to discuss the draft of the entire law.
It analyzed the provisions of the article’s that have created obstacles and problems for the courts when implementing the law and trying to solve the shortcomings of the law.
The meeting was made on the invitation of the head of Kurdistan parliament at the parliament building in Erbilat the end of the session، it was decided to discuss all the views expressed by the attendees by the Legal Affairs Committee and the Women's Rights Advocacy Committee in Kurdistan Parliament.
c. Conducting a press conference with the federation of civil society organizations to establish the law.

d. Continued meetings with consulates and embassies of different countries in order to restore international community support to the law.


1. Increasing the number of judicial reporters to Sulaymaniyah domestic violence court in a way that does not affect the progress of the cases.
2. Increase the number of legal employees in the domestic violence court of Sulaymaniyah.
3. Providing more support for domestic violence offices.
4. Opening shelter in Garmian administration.
5. The establishment of criminal courts for the women murdering in a way helps to ensure the early opening of cases of women's murder.
6. Promote more awareness about the law، administrations and domestic violence courts.
7. Opening a Court of combating Domestic Violence in the District of Garmian.
8. Improving the conditions of the shelters for the threatened women in a way that allows the mothers and children stay in it and feel safe and secure.
9. Add a Family Research Center to Zakho Directorate، as this center plays an important and necessary role in solving family problems and domestic violence.

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