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Regional Advisory Meeting
In the continuation of the project's work (monitoring the implementation of the Law on Combating Domestic Violence) 

American NED partner .

The organization held its second regional advisory meeting under the title of "Law on Combating Domestic Violence and Importance for Kurdistan Regional Government Universities".
The meeting was attended by teachers from law colleges in private and government schools in all the different cities of Kurdistan, the directors of the Gender Centre in different universities, a portion of the Kurdistan and Iraqi parliamentarians and representatives of civil servants' organisations.
At the meeting, a brief on the project and its objectives was presented by Project Assistant Briar Mohammed and two different panels for law colleges and gender centers by Mrs . Rezan Sheikh Dler Ms. Shokhan Hamrashid, the director of the organization, was held and discussions were held at the end, and all recommendations were submitted through the group's work.
 ~As a women's legal aid organization, Sarchem has recommended that both gatherings be consulted within the framework of a special proposal presented to the Ministry of Higher Education in the hope that serious work will be taken on them.

~On behalf of the organization, we thank and appreciate all the gentlemen who participated with us

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6/2/2022 2:43:13 PM
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